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Social Media

Social media is big business, it’s what makes your business go viral and have thousands of people sharing with friends and family across many different platforms. It’s mobile, it’s everywhere. People can no longer avoid social media and with the vast majority of people indulging in social media every-day, it’s a market that shouldn’t be missed. If you aren’t employing the use of social media, it’s time you talked to e-Geeks!

We can use social networks not only to engage with customers, but to deliver more customers to your door.  Let’s take Facebook for example, every time a customer/client/friend recommends or shares your business page, or even comments, that information is shared with hundreds, if not thousands of people who may also be looking for a product/service that you offer. People like people, and this effect can have phenomenal results on sales and new clients.

Whilst social media is generally narrowed down to Facebook and Twitter, e-Geeks use many different channels of social media to bring your business together as one and deliver outstanding results, leaving no stone unturned. The benefits to your business are outstanding, as you will be driving targeted customers and businesses alike to your website.

Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, we are able to provide regular content to keep your customers (both old and new) engaged and up to date with the latest promotions, offers, products and services that your business offers. And by using websites such as LinkedIn, we engage with both businesses and individuals alike to offer your products/services where they are needed.

We want your business to succeed and take off, as have many others that have worked with us!

Come and see us today and meet with one of our social media experts – call 0161 298 4335