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Being the Master Of SEO

SEO stands as the skeletal framework of any given website

A Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the core functioning requirement for a website. It forms as a skeletal support for the corresponding website without which any consecutive website abstains to function from. It enables to formulate traffic by attracting visitors to browse through the website microscopically or sometimes outwardly. Otherwise without visitors a website would be termed as a failure. A sheer failure in terms of the time and effort on the design and conception put in to create the website.

Importance of a SEO for a website

The basic job of an SEO is that of making usage of “spiders” or “crawlers “to push their way through the text lying on the corresponding website. Based on the action of the two, the quality and design of a website is determined by the action of the crawl through the site and text in order to rank it accordingly in search results. We can figure out if a SEO is good or not based on the action of the spider. If the SEO helps the spider to crawl and sail through easily, the site is termed as good, else bad.

SEO enables a site to be user friendly in nature

The importance of a SEO can be evident and best illustrated by showcasing by making the SEO not friendly. A list of things can happen namely:

  • Spiders generated by SEO’s will pass past the site
  • It will not be present among the top ranking SEO’s in the search engines or sometimes not ranked at all
  • Net browsers and users will not log into the site making the amount of users low
  • Lack of advertisement due to lower ranks in the SEO list
  • Lack of online revenue generation

The website can be entangled or sometimes even lost entirely in the web. This in turn leads to the thought of not having a website at all. A Few things to be noted and kept in mind for an SEO to promote a website among the top ranks, quality articles with good readable content, following of a disciplined page structure throughout the website, inbounded links to be scrutinized in order to give place to high ranking ones over the others etc. These few points help the website to flourish with the help of an SEO.