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Its Designing, Layout & More

In this contemporary age of massive technological advancements, internet is perhaps one of the most important innovations. Nowadays internet has become one of the basic needs in the lives of people around the globe. It is because of the internet that one can perceive the whole wide world being within his or her own grasp. Now a question may arise: how does internet work? Different news organizations or shopping addresses, …Read More

Being the Master Of SEO

SEO stands as the skeletal framework of any given website A Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the core functioning requirement for a website. It forms as a skeletal support for the corresponding website without which any consecutive website abstains to function from. It enables to formulate traffic by attracting visitors to browse through the website microscopically or sometimes outwardly. Otherwise without visitors a website would be termed as a …Read More

The Importance Of Websites

Benefits of Desktop and Mobile Websites When it comes to desktop and mobile websites, their importance is unrivalled by just about any other type of exposure you can get for yourself either personally or for your business. But what truly are the benefits of websites via a desktop computer or a mobile device? Benefit of Desktop Websites When it comes to a website that can be seen via a desktop …Read More


I’m excited to post my first baby announcement on the blog! Congratulations to our Creative Director, James and his Partner Becki on the birth of their first baby boy. Whilst James is getting used to his new life of feeding & changing nappies, we thought it would be a great excuse for an early Friday finish, so this afternoon will see the e-geeks team hitting to the street’s of Manchester …Read More

Windows 8.1

Microsoft have released a preview version of its updated Windows O/S into the public domain, which is available to download http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/download-preview Microsoft’s servers seemed to be overwhelmed, and installing the update took around two hours. Also, be advised that if you do install the Preview, you will need to reinstall all of your Windows Store apps once you update to the final version of Windows 8.1, which isn’t due until later …Read More

Communications Partner

E Geeks today announced it has been awarded as a Partner for 3CX Telephone System. Jon Askew, e-Geeks Technical Director said: “We’re excited to announce that e-Geeks is a 3CX Certified Partner. 3CX is the leading software developer of VoIP PBX’s and we intend to increase the awareness of the benefits of VoIP for businesses across North Lancashire. The 3CX phone system is one of our premium offerings and we’re big fans of …Read More

Cheap Broadband Deal

Following a successful pilot, e-Geeks are proud to announce the launch of their home-workers broadband package – this package has been specifically designed for budget conscious home workers. This Package includes both the Phone Line Rental & Unlimited Broadband for just £11.90 a month inc VAT (24 Month Contract), so is ideal for any home based business looking for a budget solution. If you would like any more information on …Read More

Why Mobile Website Design?

There isn’t any going back now. The World Wide Web is now mobile. A lot more consumers are able to access the internet from a lot more locations on far more devices than ever before. Exactly what does this mean for your website? It means that every website needs to be able to handle requests for information through a mobile device Even though you may not get much traffic to …Read More

Get The Most Out Of Google

There is a wide range of great business tools that are available free of charge from Google that are well worth looking at, we have broken these down below with a link through so you can see how your business could benefit. Google AdSense In a nutshell: If you have a website that you would like to earn some advertising revenue from then Adsense is the way forward. For each …Read More

The End Of Search?

Google announces ‘the end of search as we know it’ Google announced the rather stark “end of search as we know it” at its annual Google IO conference today. Really, the search engine giant is looking to change the way users go about finding information through its various Google services. Namely, this applies to the Google knowledge graph and Google Now, which are expanding with a credo the company labeled …Read More